Lori Robinson : Massage Therapy -  Skin Care - FitnessLori Robinson, owner

Lori Robinson, owner and operator of Body Therapy Services, is:

  • a board certified massage therapist

  • a state certified massage therapist

  • a licensed massage therapist

  • a member of the 2003 USA Track and Field National Championship competition sports medicine staff

  • an esthetician, licensed by the state of California to perform skin care services

  • advances training in clinical oncology esthetics

  • a certified level 1 yoga and stability ball instructor

Lori Robinson specializes in deep tissue, sports massage and injury recovery. She integrates a variety of techniques beneficial for medical/injury recovery and relaxation. Lori also offers prenatal, oncology, visceral massage, burn scar massage, craniosacral therapy, BodyWalking and skin care services. With her advanced training in clinical oncology esthetics she is able to safely provide facials for those with health challenged skin. More about Lori Robinson.

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To contact Lori directly, email lori@bodytherapyservices.com or call or text 408-313-8973. Provide as much detail as possible in your message and always provide your email address. The primary form of reply will be text or email.

Please direct all questions about Lori's services to lori@bodytherapyservices.com.

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